Routes from Tangier

It is the Moroccan capital of the Strait, a large city in North Africa and gateway to the continent. It is in a very fast transformation phase in a modern metropolis. Located on the coast of the Strait of Gibraltar, at the western end of the bay of its name.

  • One hour from Tarifa.
  • They tend to see good discounts to fly to Tangier Airport .

Tangier is a very tourist point and being so close to Spain there will be no problems with the language.

  • Private excursion.
  • Off-road vehicle with air conditioning.
  • Pick up wherever you want.
  • One dromedary per person.
  • Accommodation in Hotels or Riads (Half board).
  • Spanish, English or French speaking guide.
  • Night in the middle of the dunes (Breakfast and Dinner).

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