Useful information for traveling to Morocco

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Hiring the trip:
The conditions of the reservation and hiring process are the following:
1. Reservations by email or by phone.
2. The reservation has no confirmation until it has been answered.
3. Confirmation by email or by phone 72 hours before arrival.
4. Payment of 20% of the total service contracted in advance as deposit. The advance will be credited by money order with Western Union, Money Gram or on behalf of the bank.
5. 50% total at the beginning of the trip.
6. 30% of the total remaining, at the end of the trip.

• 100% refund of the deposit for 20 days before the scheduled date.
• 50% refund of cancellation deposit between 10 and 19 days before.
• Cancellation of 10% of the deposit for cancellations between 3 and 9 days before.
• No refund of money due to cancellation 2 days before.
The advance or deposit will be credited for each trip and traveler.

Development of the trip:
• all reasonable precautions for the well-being and safety of travelers, but will not be legally responsible for delays or damages beyond our control, will include personal injuries or delays due to diseases, broken equipment, weather conditions and government restrictions. .
• We guarantee the right to change the itinerary of the trip to satisfy the client and that he can propose a better option if he considers it necessary. If this change affects the contracted budget, the rate increase will be regularized at the end of the trip. If there is a decrease, it will only be paid according to the reserved service.

Passports and Visas:
• Consult the documentation at the Moroccan Embassy in your country.
For Spanish citizens it is mandatory to carry a valid passport with an expiration date of more than 6 months. The passport is essential for the procedure at customs check-in counters

All travelers, including children, must carry out their passport in order, being the total responsibility of the client the problems and inconveniences that may arise from the breach of this rule.
In Morocco you can travel with children, besides they love the cultural change they observe. What to pay special attention to children with children, so there is no reason not to take them to this country.
In Morocco more than 35% of the population is less than 15 years old. Surely your children will find friends there.
You can find everything you need for children, although we recommend that you take special meals and sunscreen cream, especially in summer.
To avoid stomach problems use only bottled mineral water.

You can connect electrical accessories in almost all places, without problems.
• In almost all the territory there is mobile coverage, to use correctly you will have to have activated the roaming service (accommodation) with the company.
Throughout the territory of Morocco you can change local money in banks or exchange offices. But in most establishments they admit the Euro as currency.

Vaccination and health prevention:
• No specific vaccine is required to enter Morocco.
• It is recommended to drink only bottled mineral water.
• Each city in Morocco has at least one pharmacy where most of the necessary medicines, pills, prophylactics and other sanitary articles are found.
• If special requirements are needed (rare utensils, special utensils, etc.), you can request it from your country of origin.
. Useful information for traveling to Morocco

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