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Morocco is a country located in North Africa, with a wide coastal strip overlooking the Atlantic and a seafront bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. Separated from Europe by the Strait of Gibraltar, its territory borders with Algeria, Mauritania, the ocean, the sea and the Spanish autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla. Although Casablanca stands out as the most populous city is Rabat which holds the capital of the Kingdom, whose form of Government is based on the constitutional monarchy.

Its currency is the Moroccan dirham and its nearly 32 million people speak Arabic or Berber, although in some areas is also frequent the use of dialects Tarifit, tamazight and tachelhit, as well as the French and the Spanish, a legacy of the time of the protectorate.

To arrive from Spain, you can take the boat or aircraft. The shorter sea crossings are which link Algeciras, Malaga and Almeria with Ceuta, Melilla and Tangier. Those who prefer air transport, can land in just a few hours in one of the fifteen airports available to Morocco, located in Agadir, Casablanca, Errachidia, Fez, Marrakech, Ourzazate, Rabat-Salé and Tangier.

Before the flight, the visitor will have to prove that you have your Passport in rule and remember that their stay not may last more than 90 days. Not required visas to citizens who come from the European Union Switzerland or Canada. In addition, it is recommended that the address of the Embassy or Consulate of your country in the region where overnight, if I had to go to the diplomatic delegation before any unforeseen or setback lead annotated.

As for accommodation, Morocco has a wide hotel offer which includes from establishments of all categories to hostels, campsites or riads, traditional houses or palaces with an indoor garden intended for tourist lodging.

In some hotels restaurants and local bars you can taste the traditional gastronomy, accompanied by mint tea outstanding dishes as well known as couscous, the Pastilla, the briuat, the tajín, the almond cake or crepes of honey and sesame seeds. All a delight for the senses.

The national currency unit of Morocco is the dirham (DH), which has no convertibility outside the Kingdom. Currency exchange offices are at airports, some hotels and most of the banks. Sometimes, they could ask to submit the passport for the transaction. Don’t forget to change the dirham which extras you before leaving the country. In general, banks of large Moroccan cities often have ATMs.

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